STUDIO MORISON is an artist led creative practice, founded by Heather Peak and Ivan Morison.
STUDIO MORISON supports and realises the ideas of its founders and the people they work with.
STUDIO MORISON explores what it means to be an artist in the 21st century.

Artists now work in a vastly expanded field, transcending traditional divisions within the creative arts, acting in collaboration with many other areas of creativity, thought and commerce, often directly addressing major societal questions of our time.

We are living in a period of great change in which opportunity and dignity are being stripped away from individuals and communities.

It is essential that we seize control of the forces of change to shape them into the future we want.

On a societal level STUDIO MORISON is working to re-establish aspects of civic life, helping governments and business fill the vacuum and claim back responsibility.

On a human level we look to bring meaning, beauty and purpose into everyday life. As STUDIO MORISON we support other artists, working together to affect more meaningful change.

STUDIO MORISON is currently working to deliver a new library, a public glasshouse, a landscape for a school, a number of public sculptures, social projects and civic spaces within new communities, a youth centre and a clearing in a forest. It is working to improve the quality of environment within the vast new distribution centres that line our motorways, to bring craftsmanship and excellence back to the heart of a post-industrial town and to find ways that as a population we can meaningfully reconnect with our nation's forests and wild-places.

STUDIO MORISON is currently developing an affordable and sustainable model for artist housing on medium term urban sites as well as within socially homogeneous housing developments. It is shaping an artists’ commercial product collective, writing a book about how artists and creatives get un-stuck, and devising an exhibition for children.

STUDIO MORISON is always engaged in making art.

STUDIO MORISON is concerned with creating a blueprint for happiness.